Ninjago Ninjaday- an Absorbing Free-Runner Flash Game

ninjago ninjaday

Ninjago Games is a free online website that has been around since 2011, providing many flash-based single-player games available for the general public. Ninjago is an updated Lego line based on “Ninja”, the previous Lego merchandise that ran from 1998-2000. It’s needless to say, Ninjago Game’s new release, Ninjago Ninjaday, has gained significant popularity through Facebook as a fun and easy-going free-runner game.

When the menu opens before you, you will be faced with a short animation presented by Ninjago Games that will introduce you to the gameplay. You will be playing as Kai, the Red Ninja, whose weapon of choice is a katana; one of the nice additions that let you identify the character from the Lego sets.

The objective of the game is to gather all of the emerald swords without running into objects such as big boulders and harmful red entities. You will have to slide under either individual crescent-shaped snake arches or in some instances, rows of them. You will be jumping over double spears and at the end of each game, you will be provided with a score depending on the number of emerald swords you gathered.

Each game starts with three hearts that indicate a number of lives you have each turn. If you run into the boulders, snake-arches or red entities you will lose one of the hearts. When you run out of all of them, the game will end and you will have the option to play again and beat your high-score.

Overall, the game has wonderful graphics and the animation is very smooth and free of any glitches or bugs. This allows the game to be an effortless and enjoyable play. Unlike many other flash games, Ninjago Ninjaday has a full-screen option that you can enjoy during your gameplay. The colors are lively and inviting and will leave you wanting to see more of the game’s settings.

The Ninjago Ninjaday soundtrack is also a nice addition. Ninjago Games did a good job, as you can clearly hear the character’s presence running through the stone paved roads. When Kai runs into any sorts of obstacles, he makes sure to let out a shriek of denial to let you know that it’s not alright. The background music is oriental and upbeat, having it fit perfectly to the scenery and atmosphere of the game, engaging the player wholeheartedly.

Ninjago Ninjaday is a captivating game that will surely entertain you for many hours to come. Even though quite simple, the art is splendid. With a distinct Japanese culture influence, the game-play is sure to entertain anyone that is interested in that time-period. The beautiful designs of the scenery present a sunset with rocky mountains sitting serenely in the background. The foreground itself makes you feel like you are looking out from a jungle to see where Kai is heading next. Filled with many beautiful temple designs as you beat higher scores, the game can engage both kids and adults alike.

One thing is sure, whether you are looking for a time-killer or an all in all fun and absorbing game, Ninjago Games’ Ninjago Ninjaday is a safe bet. Armed with easy controls and a short and fun animation-intro to introduce the player, it might take quite a few hours to get bored of this small yet compelling game. After all, who doesn’t like Ninja Lego characters? Have a go yourself!

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