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Possess the power of the Masters of Spinjitzu! This intense collection of Ninjago games features all your favorite fighters from the Cartoon Network collection. Kai, Jay, Cole, and even Zane are under Sensei Wu’s keen assistance. Find out every one of the very best fighting styles actions, and also harness the 4 Golden Defense of Ninjago to prosper. The Sword of Fire, Nunchucks of Lightning, Scythe of Quakes, and even Shurikens of Ice are at your disposal! Fight versus Garmadon’s skeletal systems and even Pythor’s snake individuals in the unsafe underworld!

Play ninjago games online
Our Ninjago games will examine your fight abilities, bravery, and even wit. You need to use each ninja’s capabilities to overcome bad challengers. Various titles challenge you to combat in lethal environments where heavy items fall out of the sky. Open your sword to strike down adversaries and even divided them into tiny Lego pieces! For a high-speed difficulty, stealthily run and also jump across roofs in the middle of the night. Frightening adversaries seek your demise. Adhere to Sensei Wu’s guidance, as well as dominate the Overlord’s Nindroid army!

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